Adult Fellowship Opportunities

While some of our parishioners come just for Sunday worship, others seek to participate in other aspects of church life as well. Connection with your church family can make your faith experience rich and fulfilling. There are many ways to participate.

Small Fellowship Groups

Those who share a common interest such as playing cards, exercising, reading or dining will find a variety of groups available. A great way to get to know others is by participating in small social groups. These groups usually have between 4 and 12 attendees at their gatherings. Below are some of the groups that meet. If you have an idea for another group and might like to organize it, call Lisa in the church office.

  • Book Group (UCC Women) – Meets monthly, usually at the church but sometimes at a restaurant. Come for a lively book discussion.
  • Lunch Bunch (UCC Women) – Meets monthly, usually at the church. There is usually a program along with lunch, and sometimes we have men who join us for this event.
  • Men’s Breakfast (UCC Men) – Meets monthly on a weekday morning. No program, just good food and fellowship.

Large Fellowship Groups

Quite a few social events are planned throughout the year and are usually held at the church. All are invited to these events – men, women, children, and even friends who do not attend our worship. Most of these events are planned by the Fellowship Committee.