Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons shall:

  1. Consist of up to twelve (12) members as required by the needs of the congregation. Alternating by year, one-half (1⁄2) of the members shall be elected at the Annual Meeting, each to serve a term of two (2) years from their date of election.
  2. Engage in the task of Christian witness and evangelism; assist the Pastor in promoting the spiritual interests of the Church; visit the sick, care for the poor, the sorrowing and the stranger; and participate in the work of ministry.
  3. Receive applications for church membership and verify that the requirements of membership have been met. New members shall be formally received into membership during a worship service.
  4. Promote and support the educational programs for new member inquiry education and youth confirmation.
  5. Conduct an annual review of the membership list of the Church and present a list of members to the Clerk at a meeting of the Church Council no later than two months prior to the Annual Meeting. If a member is fully separated from the fellowship, worship, service and support of the Church for a period of one year, the Board of Deacons, acting for the Church shall make kindly inquiry to discover the reason for such separation. If such a member remains inactive for an additional year, the Board of Deacons may, after proper inquiry, remove the member’s name from membership.
  6. Provide for the supply of the pulpit in the absence of or upon request from, the Pastor. The Board of Deacons shall provide elements for the Sacrament of Holy Communion and aid in its celebration and distribution. The Board of Deacons shall provide for and recruit lay participation in worship, such as the following:
    acolytes, bell ringers, greeters, ushers and Scripture readers. The Board of Deacons may distribute all flowers remaining after regular or special services, to the sick or shut in.
  7. Appoint a search team to secure the services of an Interim Minister when necessary. This team shall contact the Conference Minister of the Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ to request an interim minister. After consultation with the Pastoral Search Team and the Board of Trustees, a contract shall be drawn, specifying the Interim Minister’s duties and hours of service required per week, and offering compensation in accordance with the then current guidelines of the Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ. The Interim Minister Search Team will reach accord with, and select the candidate of its choice.
  8. Appoint a search team to secure the services of a Music Director when necessary. This team shall consist of one (1) Deacon, one (1) member of the Worship Team, one (1) representative from the choir, and two (2) members-at-large. In no case shall more than two (2) members of the current choir be appointed to this search team.