Ministry Teams

Church Council – This is the leadership body of the congregation.  It is made up of the Pastor, the Officers, and Ministry team representatives. The Church Council generally meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

The Ministry Teams are organized into four main areas:

Faith Formation/Spiritual Life

  • Worship – The Worship team assists the Pastor in the implementation of all worship occasions.
  • Deacons – The Deacons’ primary responsibilities are to promote the church’s spiritual life and maintain connectedness within the congregation, including preparing the communion elements, welcoming new members, and assisting with pastoral care.
  • Christian Education – The Christian Education team is responsible for the growth and renewal of the spiritual life of all members, including children and youth.


  • Trustees (Buildings & Grounds) – The Trustees are responsible for the care and custody of the Buildings and Grounds.
  • Finance/MIF – The Finance and Ministry Investment Fund (MIF) team oversees the financial business of the church, including the development and monitoring of the annual budget.
  • Stewardship – The Stewardship team is responsible for educating members on the meaning and practice of Christian stewardship, including organizing the annual campaign.
  • Media – The Media team is responsible for the development of the website, social media sites, publications, advertising, and community awareness of the church.  This team includes the technical requirements of the church, including media and sound during worship and other occasions.


  • Personnel – The Personnel team is responsible for overseeing the non-clergy staff, including job descriptions, performance evaluations, and salary recommendations.
  • Pastoral Relations – The Pastoral Relations team supports and maintains the relationship between the Pastor and the congregation.
  • Nominating – The Nominating team works closely with all of the teams to provide team members and fill vacancies as they occur.
  • Audit – The Audit team reviews the financial records of the Church on a periodic basis and reports their findings to the Council.


  • Mission – The Mission team coordinates the church’s engagement in all mission outreach programs and projects within and outside of the community.
  • Justice Team – This team discusses social and justice issues in our community. We have been working on the Harmony Chamber of Commerce, Coalition for Immokalee Workers, LIFE, and others. As we realize there are many concerns in our community, we can not support them all. We will be happy to address other concerns as they are brought to us.