Our Core Values

The Ten Core Values of Fort Myers United Church of Christ

  • We value you: We celebrate all that you are and all that you bring to our faith community. Share your gifts, skills, and talents. You belong here.
  • We value love: As a loving and caring intergenerational spiritual family, we cultivate a safe, relational culture of trust and authenticity where people matter and everybody is somebody! We are a judgment-free zone.
  • We value inclusion: We are open and affirming to all. We welcome all, love all, and see God in all people, no matter who they are or where they are on life’s journey.
  • We value unity: We practice unity, love, and civility while promoting individual freedom of conscience, religious practice, and biblical interpretation.
  • We value relevant faith: We celebrate a God that is still speaking and a Scripture that is relevant to our modern world. We don’t have all the answers but we encourage the asking of questions.
  • We value a living faith: We are not perfect, but following the way of Christ means something to us. We seek to live it, be it, and do it. Our faith is alive, active, and lived.
  • We value faith journeys: We treasure the way God speaks to people. We are here to support and encourage your spiritual journey as you discern God’s voice in your own life.
  • We value engaged worship: We aim for services that are inspiring, engaging, spiritual, thought-provoking, meaningful, joyful, and participatory.
  • We value justice: We celebrate the equality and dignity of all humans, promote hope, actively address discrimination, racism, prejudice, division, and hate in all of its forms, and seek to be good caretakers of this planet.
  • We value joyful service: We joyfully seek practical ways to serve those in need. It is one way we celebrate and share the love of God with others.